Jiya - “What the Courtesan Knows”

Courtesan is highly skilled mistress of royal. Jiya is the girl who can take you to the Pinnacle of ultimate sexual stimulation. Each and every girl from our agency is highly skilled, professional & can perform 'around the world' job with the tremendous sensation of lovemaking. We as an adult service provider have girls can perform jobs like tie and tease, tie and denial, erotic denial or orgasm denial in which highest state of sexual arousal is maintained with an increment of time without climax during a particular session. Beside than describing what our sensational, seductive girls can perform better, we would rather say that come and try Jiya. We have a solution for each and every one of your requirements and needs without any security and privacy issues as we never compromise on your privacy and security for every enticing location in Bangalore. Jiya has mastered the art of play of bondage and related sexual experiences. She comes with pain but the pleasure powerful enough to overcome that pain. If you are the man having hidden fantasies of being submissive or dominative jiya can be your choice of girl. She can be the cute little sub of her master and likewise alter the role of being the cruel mistress.

This is the service you may not find at any other escort agency but Mahii has made it sure that you never go back from their door once you knocked them. To know more about Jiya and what she can do you can drop us the email with your needs and contact information and Jiya will come in touch with you in no time.

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